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R12 01 18

R12 01-1 - Vladimir's Icon Virgin of Tenderness

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Christian iconography transcribes through the image the Gospel message that Sacred Scripture transmits through the Word. Image and Word illuminate each other... All the signs of the liturgical celebration refer to Christ, so too are the images of the Holy Mother of God and of the saints, since they signify Christ who is glorified in them. They manifest "the cloud of witnesses" (EB12,11). who continue to share in the salvation of the world and to whom we are united, especially in the sacramental celebration. "The beauty and color of the images are a stimulus for my prayer. It is a feast for my eyes, just as the spectacle of the countryside spurs my heart to give glory to God" (Saint John Damascene). 
Product Measures
cm 12 x 18
wood hand paintend
0.500 KG


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